Our 100% Hungarian family company, the manufacturer of wet food for pets, Piko-Pet Food Kft. was founded in 2013.Our 6,000 m2 factory hall has developed into a pet food factory equipped with the most modern equipment currently available. The various production technology devices were specially developed for the production of pet food.


Our young and experienced employees form a mixed workforce of the company. Our colleagues are dedicated animal lovers, whose vocation is to produce the best possible complete feed for our midges. Our technology specialists have more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and development.


We include the processed ingredients in our recipes in such a way that they come as close as possible to the old and modern eating habits and expectations of dogs and cats. Perfect mixing, gentle multiple crushing phases until microfine is reached for easier digestion and absorption. We sterilize our products with the latest heat treatment technology. The aim of the technology is to avoid the loss of aroma so that the heat-treated products retain their taste.

Raw material

You can make an excellent product from excellent raw materials!
The raw materials used for our products would also meet the health parameters of human food. They come from farm animals raised for food production and were produced in food plants. For better digestibility, all of our products are made from selected ingredients with a high meat content and whole grain additives. In order to achieve better physiological effects, the raw materials are enriched with vitamins as well as minerals and amino acids in food quality.