Pikopet Food

Value and quality for our Pets


Our company, PIKO PET FOOD Ltd. was established in 2013, specializing in manufacture of premium wet pet food. Our 6000 m² manufacturing site became installed with the most modern equipments which currently available in pet food manufacturing industry. Our energy saving systems guarantee the highest price / performance ratio product on the market. The different manufacturing process equipment specially developed for pet food production.


Our expert team is consist of young and experienced colleagues, who are devoted pet enthusiasts, and consider it their calling to produce the best complete foods for our animal companions. Our team is proud to call member several internationally renowned cynologists. Our development partners are acclaimed pet health professionals such as veterinarians, animal nutrition specialists, and also food design engineers. Our technological experts have more than 25 years’ worth of production and development experience.


In our formulas we use processed base materials striving to be as close as possible to the ancient and modern dietary expectations and habits of cats and dogs. Precise mixing, and multiple gentle chopping phases are utilized until a micro-fine state is reached for the sake of easier digestion and efficient absorption. The aim of this technology is the avoidance of overcooking and aroma loss: product treated this way preserve best the wide range of relish.


Excellent products based on excellent raw materials! Our processed base materials would conform even to requirements set for human food. They originate from livestock bred for food production, and are prepared in food manufacturing plants. All our products use added wholegrain for the sake of better digestion, and are enriched with food grade heat-resistant vitamins, minerals and amino acids to precipitate and operate healthy physiological effects. Thus, your pet’s food satisfies dietary requirements even without further supplements, gives a feeling of satiation, and is also palatable. None of our products contain artificial colouring or preservatives. All base materials undergo control by the veterinary authority before processing, as do our finished products before delivery.

Feeding your pets covers their physical needs without any additional supplement.

Our products contain no artificial colors and no preservatives. All raw materials built in our products used only after official veterinary supervision.

Our products

Quality on good price for Your Pets! We provide our products in 1240 g and 415 g cans for Your pets. Piko-Pet Food Ltd.'s production line produce the dog and cat foods in three categories. Products in Daily category fulfil the everyday needs on high quality in basic flavours (poultry, beef, game, liver and fish). Premium category means high quality raw materials in basic flavours or their combinations. Selected top quality ingredients constitute our products in Super Premium category which are in traditional and other flavours.

Pet’s Land Product Line

Pet's Land products are a rather high quality product line provided in enticing flavor combinations, they are rich in physiologically important supplements and beloved by Your pets. We were inspired by our pets when we created the final flavor combinations. Our cats and dogs found the following 4 flavors and flavor combinations the best:

  • beef liver & lamb with apple
  • poultry menu (goose, turkey & chicken)
  • game - deer & wild boar with carrot
  • pork & fish with pear

Glucosamine and chondroitin can be fond in natural form in our food and hips insure the antioxidants which improve the activity of the immune system and the vegetables and fruits help the perfect digestion. Pet 's Land provides a complete range of feeding for Your young and adult pets morover sensitive and hypoallergen version of it suits the diet of animals struggling with feed intolerance. Pet 's Land foods with high protein and low carbohydrate content meets the nutritional needs of adult dogs, which contains everything necessary for a balanced pet nutrition. You can buy Pet’s Land in 1240 gramm and 415 gramm versions for dogs and we offer it in 415 gramm version for cats. Pet 's Land do not contain any soy, any transgenic corn, artificial flavor enhancer, colorants neither preservatives nor aromatic flavorings.

Pet Daily Product Line

Pet Daily product line is a complete pet food for adult cats and dogs. Pet Daily is prepared from selected ingredients with high meat content and adding whole grains for a better digestibility. Food for cats packed in 415 g cans manufactured in five different flavours (chicken, liver, game, beef, fish). Pet food for dogs are packed in 415 g and 1240 g cans and available in 4 different flavours (liver, beef, chicken, game). In a Limited Edition currently available the fruity version of Pet Daily product line which contains reduced amount of cereal but fruits - the oldest natural victuals of dogs and cats. The fruity version is manufactured in two kinds of combination beef-pear and liver-apple. Apple and pear provides natural source of vitamins, immune system support and perfect digestion. Pet Daily ideal choice for everyday feeding of dogs with normal activity.

King Product Line

We offer the King product linefor adult, normal-activity dogs and cats whose owners want to feed their pet with reliable quality, full-valuepet food, but it is important for them to keep feeding costs at a low level. The King is available in three flavors: beef, liver and poultry. The packaging is available of the traditional 1240g and 415g versions.


Excellent products - nice packaging. Cans used for packaging in Piko-Pet Food Ltd. produced in Pikopack Ltd. which means more than 40 years of production and development experience. Cans with an aroma-protecting lacquer layer specifically designed for pet food, certified even for the human food industry. Pikopack Ltd. has already proven with several food products that it is deservedly acclaimed as being on the forefront of domestic can development. Our packaging types and presentations strive to follow the practical procurement and transport needs of pet owners. The pet food cans are closed with easy open lids. Our quality control spots are computer controlled and recorded. Piko-Pet Food Ltd. works according to ISO 9001 quality control system. Pets involved in these tests live in family environments, with continuous veterinary oversight to monitor their health, and whether they consume our products heartily, with relish. Our test feeding breeders own several World- and European champion specimens, have decades of experience in their fields, and are renowned and acclaimed breeders and pet enthusiasts.


Piko-Pet Food Ltd. has been found to conform to the Food Safety Management System standard : ISO 22000:2005